Staysodo is made up of two main houses, a swimming pool looking out at the sea. A-wing is divided into a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom, while B-wing is a separate bedroom for two people. There's a open-air bath, a barbecue deck.

Only one team can use the entire space in a day, and four people can stay together for up to six. Combining A-dong and B-dong, the interior space is about 30 floor space and the entire site is about 120 floor space, including a yard.

room A


Refrigerator, electric cooktop, electric rice cooker, microwave, Balmuda electric coffee pot, Balmuda Toaster, Roslin dish set (6 people), cooking utensils, coffee beans and drop set, cutting board, wine glasses, SAMADOYO T-port 900ml


White Oak six-person table


3 to 4 people's daybed, TEAC LP, B&O Play Bluetooth, books and photo books


Vintagewood floor, A flat bed made of white oak, queen size coconut mattress, wireless charging possible two-stage circular trust, goose bedding, latex mattress, bed lighting



washstand, shower, a toilet bowl, towel,

hair dryer, various bathroom supplies, Aesop's Amenity


open-air bath feeling the nature to the stone wall inside

room B

room B


a washstand with a view of the sea


A flat bed made of white oak, queen size coconut mattress, wireless charging possible two-stage circular trust, goose bedding, latex mattress, bed lighting



Bath(two-person standard), shower, integrated smart bidet, various bathroom supplies, Aesop's Amenity, towel



Swimming pool

There is an open-air swimming pool across the street with a view of the ocean. I recommend you to enjoy the unobstructed waterplay, and sit on a pool bench and watch the sunset over Mt. Halla.

Open-air bath

Outside the bedroom of A-wing, there is a open-air bath surrounded by curved stone walls, with basalt and plants blending together, and through the small gaps in front of it, you can see the sea of Udo.


There is a BBQ space in the deck next to the pool. 

With lights across the sea, enjoy a delicious dinner with good people.